How to Get Started on Building a Custom Plan

Use i-SAFE’s newly redesigned Implementation Strategy document as an instrument to create a custom plan for your school or classroom digital citizenship and e-Safety education program. The curriculum scope of 404 K-12 lesson plans consists of grade-specific lessons, lessons that span across multiple grade levels (grade bands), and full units that concentrate on specific topics. This wide curriculum scope provides educators with ample resources to ensure that (1) students receive adequate instruction on essential digital citizenship and e-Safety topics; (2) lessons taught at one grade level are not repeated the following year. Leverage the breadth and depth of the i-SAFE curriculum library to scaffold instruction and to create a rich and meaningful learning experience.

The Implementation Strategy document lists the scope of curriculum by grade level and by module. Curriculum modules address the following topics:

Color-coded charts displays flexible implementation options for each grade as well as focus areas comprised of full units on a given topic. The variety of implementation options serve as a guide to create a custom plan that meets classroom needs. Coordinate with other teachers to ensure that students do not repeat the same lessons year after year.

5 Steps to Create a Custom Plan

  1. Determine your available instructional time and classroom/student needs.
  2. Choose a suggested implementation option as a guide.
  3. Review the list of available lessons and units.
  4. Coordinate with other teachers to ensure that the same lessons are not repeated each year.
  5. Decide on the lessons to include in your implementation plan.