ISAFE DC4 Digital Programming program provides 404 K-12 lesson plans that address digital citizenship and e-Safety topics including identity theft, privacy & security, digital footprint, online identity, digital literacy, and creativity & copyright in addition to CIPA/E-Rate topics of Appropriate Online Behavior, Social Networking and Cyber Bullying. Compliance technology tracks implementation, monitoring, reporting and storage required by E-Rate program.
ISAFE DC4 Digital Programming

CIPA requires that schools receiving reimbursements for telecommunications services through the E-Rate program must verify that they have educated every student on three topics: Appropriate Online Behavior, Social Networking, and Cyber Bullying.

But educators understand students need additional life and consumer skills to avoid identity theft and even pursue academics. The challenge for educators is finding a high quality, cohesive digital citizenship curriculum that is age-appropriate, aligned to standards, integrates with core subject matter, minimizes any reporting burden and stays current with the ever-advancing technologies.

The challenge for E-Rate administrators starts with being able to verify compliance with 100% of the educators, across multiple schools and all grades. In addition, they must brief administration with status reports as they protect funding, and eventually manage storage of documentation for 10 years.


With E-Rate funding at stake, administrators need to accurately account for and, if called upon, document their district’s compliance with CIPA.

ISAFE Digital Learning programs provide:

  • Customized policy and document implementation strategy.
  • Real time reporting by school, teacher, students taught by grade & topic with on demand, and easy to use chart & graph reports.
  • Digital completion certification by the teacher. No papers to track, and verifiable through monitoring of student progress.
  • All data is stored for 10 years, as required, in case of audit.

With high demand for classroom time, teachers want to comply with CIPA requirements, and teach valuable life skills, while supporting broader educational goals, i.e. Common Core.

ISAFE Digital Learning programs provide:

  • Teacher specific portal enabling quick, age-appropriate sourcing of digital learning content meeting CCSS, NETS, AALS standards and Common Core goals.
  • Capability to track individual student progress and completion of lessons, facilitating individual study and efficient use of classroom time.
  • Built in, simple verification by teacher reports to E-Rate administrator and ensures CIPA education compliance without additional time or paper processes.
  • Integration in the E-Rate administrators reporting tool, provides real time data, minimizing additional status focused reporting or communications.

The classroom is a dynamic environment, and teachers need powerful yet-simple tools to meet student learning goals.

Every easy-to-access ISAFE lesson is based on CCSS, ISTE/NETS, AALS standards. Content is updated regularly to reflect the latest research and online trends, and can be taught within a single class period.

ISAFE lessons enable student practice of Common Core State Standards, incorporating concept-development tools meeting differentiation needs, plus informational reading, writing, speaking and listening skill development.

ISAFE Digital Learning programs save districts money in several ways:

  • No staff time is needed to develop, manage or update CIPA /E-Rate curriculum.
  • ISAFE’s digital learning materials are hosted in the cloud, removing the cost of IT management and capacity.
  • There are no textbooks, distribution costs, or copies to be made.
  • Managing implementation and reporting for E-Rate compliance across a district is a one-person task.
  • Reports can be generated to demonstrate verified execution. Any time. No free. No long term storage costs. No stress.