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Board of Directors (LE members)

James W. Greenleaf: Associate Deputy Director (Retired), FBI
In 1967, James W. Greenleaf went on duty as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During his career with the FBI, Greenleaf directed teams in the National Security Agency, FBI Recruiting, FBI Training, FBI Laboratory, the Central Intelligence Agency, and FBI Overseas. Since retiring, Greenleaf has been a consultant for NBC Television, appeared on numerous talk shows as an expert, and served on a Congressionally mandated committee assessing State and Local capabilities to respond to Weapons of Mass Destruction. Greenleaf has also been a fervent supporter of i-SAFE Inc. He is on our Board of Directors and contributes to the overall goals and objectives.

John Welter: Chief of Police, Anaheim (CA) Police Department
John Welter has been in Law Enforcement for more than 30 years. He has worked his way up from Patrol Officer in 1971 to Chief of Police for the city of Anaheim, CA in 2004. Throughout his distinguished career, Welter has worked as a consultant and trainer for the State Department/FBI, developed cultural diversity courses for police departments in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta, and he has provided training to police chiefs, mayors, and elected officials for California Police Officer Standards and Training (POST). He joined the i-SAFE Board of Directors while serving in San Diego; he continues his role in helping guide the direction of i-SAFE still today.

Terry Fox: Chief of Police, American Fork (UT) Police Department
Terry Fox has been a Law Enforcement officer in four different decades. Working his way up from Patrol Officer in Ogden, UT he is now in charge of 40+ officers and responsible for the welfare of the 25,000 citizens of American Fork, UT. The focus of Fox administration is community. Under his leadership the American Fork PD is involved with many efforts that involve the community besides i-SAFE, including Citizens Academy, DARE, Neighborhood Watch, Youth Court, Safer Schools, and Bike Patrol. Fox serves on our Board of Directors and has been with i-SAFE from almost the beginning of our existence. He is a leader for our mission in Utah and across the U.S.

James McLaughlin: Detective, Keene (NH) Police Department
After serving our country in the U.S. Marine Corps, Detective James McLaughlin joined the force of the Keene (NH) Police Department in 1981. He began working Cyber Crimes, posing as teen-age boys in chat rooms to lure online predators, in 1996. He has conducted over 450 cases dealing with child sexual exploitation over the Internet that have resulted in arrest. He also serves on the Attorney General's Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect. McLaughlin was one of ten policemen in the United States, during 2003, to receive the "Top Cop" award presented by the National Association of Police Organizations. He appears in the i-SAFE Assembly Experience Video and the i-PARENT Video.

Richard Randall: Sheriff, Kendall County (IL) Sheriff Dept.


Fred Fusswinkel: Detective, Lynwood (NY) Police Department
Detective Fusswinkel has been a sworn member of the Lynbrook PD for more than 20 years and their Juvenile Investigator since 1990. Vice President of the New York State Crime Prevention Coalition and President of the Long Island Association of Crime Prevention Officers, Fusswinkel says it's an honor to work with i-SAFE because it is one of the few non-profits that is constantly changing and improving.

Bob Lewandowski: Detective, Cherokee County (OK) Sheriff Dept.
Deputy Bob Lewandowski has nearly 20 years experience in Law Enforcement. He is a C.L.E.E.T. Certified Police officer in the State of Oklahoma and has been helping i-SAFE as a consultant since 2003. Lewandowski has been responsible for presenting and certifying over 400 officers in the i-Safe program.

Dave Andrews: Deputy, Summit County (OH) Sheriff Dept.
Deputy Dave Andrews has over 25 years of law enforcement experience with the Summit County Sheriff's Office in Akron, Ohio with the last ten assigned to D.A.R.E. He received his I-SAFE training in 2002 and became a consultant in 2003. Deputy Andrews has trained over 100 officers from agencies around the state and nation. He and his two partners present the i-SAFE program to nearly 3000 students annually in their area. Deputy Andrews believes that our children must be made aware of the dangers that exist in cyberspace just as we make them aware of the dangers that exist in our physical world.

Mike Sullivan: Detective, Naperville (IL) Police Department
Detective Mike Sullivan has more than 25 years experience and has been involved in every type of criminal investigation at the local, state, and federal levels. He has appeared as an expert on Dateline, 20/20 and Oprah. Detective Sullivan is also a lead investigator for the Illinois AG's Task Force on Child Pornography and Internet Investigation.

Chris Duque: Detective and Cyber Crime Specialist, Honolulu Police Dept.
Det. Duque has been on the Honolulu PD force for nearly 30 years. He is HPD's lead computer forensics examiner and one of HI's leading computer and Internet crime investigators. The crimes Duque investigates includes trafficking of child pornography, identity theft, various forms of Internet fraud, hacking and network intrusion cases, harassing and threatening cases, and child exploitation cases.

Rick Bockman: Patrol Sargeant, American Fork (UT) Police Dept.
Sergeant Rick Bockman has been a law enforcement officer for nearly 15 years and was a Detective for six of them. He has volunteered his time with i-SAFE since the first year of our existence in 1998. Bockman even took a one-year sabbatical from the force and assisted i-SAFE with building its Youth Empowerment campaign across the country.

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