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i-SAFE is Changing to Better Serve You!

Our mission will not change, i-SAFE remains steadfastly dedicated to providing educators world class e-Safety curriculum that empowers students to be safe and responsible online. After a decade of successfully educating over 32 million K-12 students in the United States and worldwide, i-SAFE is renovating the way curriculum is packaged and distributed. The new subscription and license membership model will make schools, school districts, regional/state education agencies, and even foreign governments member-partners with i-SAFE. Membership through subscription and license enables them to define and distribute to their faculties and staffs the selection of e-Safety curriculum they want taught in their classrooms.

Today, i-SAFE is being asked to service schools and districts in areas where new laws are mandating specific Internet safety instruction in classrooms, as well as supplying the Internet safety education resources and materials that satisfy federal Broadband Act requirements for schools and districts applying for E-Rate reimbursements. Therefore, to continue to adequately serve the various needs of our clients and provide these e-Safety assets to schools, the solution is 'subscription and license' membership at either the Gold, Silver, or E-Rate levels.

E-Rate Subscription Membership

For the first time since the federal government began the E-Rate program to help schools cover some of their technology costs, schools must teach Internet safety to receive E-Rate reimbursements for costs associated with Internet service, Internet access or internal connections. The 'Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act' of 2008 mandates that schools teach students about 'appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyber bullying awareness and response.' For those schools interested in teaching E-Rate related curriculum only, i-SAFE has developed the E-Rate Subscription Package ' licensed online access to curriculum, 5 video Webcast lessons, plus audit records ' consistent with the new Internet safety legislation and convenient documentation. Click here for more information about i-SAFE's E-Rate Subscription Package.

Silver Subscription Membership

At this level of membership, schools/districts not applying for E-Rate reimbursements can maintain control of the implementation of their e-Safety education strategy with more than 200 i-SAFE lesson plans, 3 Webcast video lessons plus other i-SAFE videos, and an annual metrics report upon request. The Silver level subscription and license membership does not include E-Rate curriculum or videos related to the 'Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act' and it does not include an E-Rate Audit Report. Click here for more information about purchasing your subscription.

Gold Subscription Membership

Schools/districts interested in the complete library of i-SAFE's e-Safety curriculum plus the E-Rate Audit Report must subscribe to i-SAFE's Gold membership. At the highest subscription level, teachers have unlimited online access to all i-SAFE e-Safety curriculum. That's more than 250 K-12 lesson plans and activities, and the library keeps growing. The Gold subscription includes online access to i-SAFE's E-Rate curriculum, and upon request an annual implementation metrics report including an E-Rate Audit Report. Plus, Gold level subscribers receive all 8 i-SAFE interactive video Webcasts and other i-SAFE videos. The Gold level membership also includes free access to i-SAFE 'perks' ' such as periodic Web seminars. Click here for more information about purchasing your subscription.

Which Subscription Is Right?

The most suitable subscription is determined by each school or district. The Gold, Silver and E-Rate subscription packages offer decision-makers flexibility ' the options to include E-Rate topics, Webcast video lessons, school/district server hosting for video distribution, and more. It is important to know that the curriculum can only be accessed electronically through i-SAFE; and can NOT be uploaded to a school or district server or distributed through technologies such as Moodle or Blackboard. However, with a signed Subscription and Licensing Agreement i-SAFE videos can be uploaded for convenient viewing from a school/district central server or through other distribution technologies.

Which i-SAFE subscription level your school or district decision-maker chooses ' Gold, Silver or E-Rate ' depends on the overall e-Safety education strategy in place at your district or school. i-SAFE's Strategy for Cyber Safety Education Success Planning Tool is an excellent workbook to help schools, districts and education service networks either to get started or to update their e-Safety education strategy and implementation plan.

Several i-SAFE resources (listed below) are available online to give your school's or district's decision-makers the information they need to learn more about i-SAFE's Gold, Silver and E-Rate packages and select the subscription membership level that is best suited to your local needs.

i-SAFE Resources

Use of i-SAFE Materials Already in your Possession

All persons, schools and districts that have previously obtained i-SAFE's intellectual property, specifically K-12 curriculum, videos and other materials at no cost, must terminate all use(s), reproduction and dissemination of these materials if they are not covered by a current subscription agreement. Permission (i.e., the license) to use i-SAFE materials that were obtained in the past at no cost is revoked until a subscription agreement has been purchased.

All persons, schools and districts that purchased i-SAFE curriculum and materials in the past (i.e., via i-SAFE's online store) may continue to use the materials they purchased. However, these materials may no longer be reproduced, duplicated or redistributed if they are not covered by a current subscription agreement.

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