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E-Rate Subscription Package

On October 10, 2008 the 'Broadband Data Improvement Act' / 'Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act' was signed into law. For schools and districts the law means that elementary and secondary schools having computers with Internet access will not receive federal funding through the E-Rate Program for Internet service, Internet access or internal connections without certifying that their Internet safety policy includes Internet safety education. Specifically, the Internet safety education must include lessons on cyber bullying awareness and response as well as teaching appropriate online behaviors for students on social networking sites and in chat rooms. Click here to review the complete text of the law.

IT IS NOW OFFICIAL: On August 11, 2011, the FCC released its long-awaited rules amending CIPA to include E-Rate provisions of the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act of 2008. The FCC Order (FCC 11-125) implements the 'educating' requirements of the Protecting Children Act effective FY 2012, meaning any school or school district applying for E-Rate discounts (beyond simple telecommunication services) MUST provide Internet Safety Policies that include "monitoring the online activities of minors and must provide for educating minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyber bullying awareness and response." Click here to see the FCC Report and Order.

Easy, Convenient and Auditable

A one stop, full service program that provides schools and school districts:

  1. Easy access to Internet safety curriculum
  2. Documentation
  3. End of year audit report
  1. Easy access to Internet safety curriculum
    • i-SAFE Cyber Bullying Prevention lessons, Social Networking lessons and Appropriate Online Behavior lessons are consistent with topics in the new law. The interactive curriculum, entertaining and informative videos and Webcasts are standards-based and age-appropriate for K-12 students. Click here for sample.
  2. Documentation
    • Independent third party records from i-SAFE indicate which teachers at each district school are teaching i-SAFE's E-Rate lessons. Each teacher receives an E-Rate Internet Safety Education Certificate for their files. See sample below.
  3. End of year audit report
    • A comprehensive verifiable report backing up the E-Rate Certificate with i-SAFE's E-Rate Audit Report, which details school, teacher, Internet safety topic and date.

Schools or districts can purchase the E-Rate Subscription Package through the i-SAFE Store. Click here.

E-Rate Internet Safety Education Certificate

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