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i-SAFE Subscriptions

As of August, 2009, license and access to i-SAFE curriculum is by subscription only. That means, a district and/or school must purchase one of the three i-SAFE subscription packages for their educators to access, download and teach the i-SAFE curriculum in the classroom. Further, please understand that unless a school or district subscribes to either the new Gold, Silver or the E-Rate curriculum packages, individual teachers will NOT be able to purchase hard copies (paper form) of ANY curriculum materials.

E-Rate Compliance Package: Licenses and allows educators online access to ONLY 'E-Rate related curriculum' that contains videos and lessons consistent with the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act of 2008.

  • Gold Subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to all i-SAFE curriculum including 'E-Rate related curriculum' and a semi-annual metrics report.
  • Silver Subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to all i-SAFE curriculum but not including the 'E-Rate related curriculum' and includes a semi-annual metrics report.
  • Share this information with your district administration and/or the individual or department that is responsible for the coordination of your curriculum implementation purchases and E-Rate funding.

  • For more information please visit i-SAFE's Subscriptions page.

    Also, refer to i-SAFE's Subscriptions Frequently Asked Questions.

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