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  • iSAFE_Assembly_Overview_Thumbnail.jpg

    i-SAFE Assembly Overview

  • Beat_Street_Assembly_Trailer_Thumbnail.jpg

    Beat Street Assembly

  • Cyber_Bullying_Assembly_Trailer_Thumbnail.jpg

    Cyber Bullying Assembly Experience

  • Donny_Assembly_Trailer_Thumbnail.jpg

    The Donny the Downloader Experience

  • LearnB4U_Burn_Assembly_Trailer_Thumbnail.jpg

    Music Rules: Learn B4U Burn

  • NCSA_Assembly_Trailer_Thumbnail.jpg

    The National Cyber Security Assembly

  • Predator_Assm_Trailer_Thumbnail.jpg

    Online Predator Assembly Experience

  • WTD_Assembly_Trailer_Thumbnail.jpg

    What's the Download? Assembly Experience

Order Your Assembly Experience! If you have an i-SAFE account, login at the upper right-hand corner of this page. From your My Info page, click 'Submit Implementation Plan (IP).' Then, find 'School Assembly' and choose the Assembly Experience you want to order. Click 'Next' at the bottom of the page. There is a shipping/handling fee.

If you do not have an i-SAFE account, click on 'Create Account' above. Or, the i-SAFE Assembly Experiences are also available for purchase through the i-SAFE store.

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